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What does it mean to be at a crossroads, at a point of inflection for human civilization? And how do we interpret the the myths of our past? Are we destined to repeat zero-sum game theory or will wisdom clear another way?

The march of human civilization is our collective story.

It's coded into our very DNA, and built on the backs of our ancestors. With all our technological advancements, we have the tools at our fingertips. If we can envision the perils and promise of this new day,

We can elevate to a Golden Age of Abundance.




Necrofear, an Albanian native, is a pioneering, self-taught 3D multidisciplinary digital artist. Over the years, he has honed skills across multiple graphic design programs, achieving a remarkable level of artistry. His portfolio, known for its dynamic range, demonstrates his passion for exploring diverse styles and themes. His 3D artwork showcases a blend of classical and gothic-dark aesthetics, notable for their intricate textures and elaborate patterns balanced by natural or earthy tones, often interwoven with gold accents.

His subjects are imbued with a depth of storytelling and historical context, rich in research, which draws from antiquity and myth to reflect the modern experience.

Inspired by ancient history, mythological figures and what they represent, like echoes of the distant past,

Necrofear’s work transports viewers into a realm that ripples through time to the pressing issues of today.

His artistry is a journey of self-reflective exploration, and his mastery of the tools of digital creation evolve in synchronicity with his drive to push the boundaries of his artistic expression. This journey has led to the creation of exciting new artworks and collaborations within the thriving crypto-art community.

What PolyOne Sees in

The Era of Glory

As a platform for telling stories we believe Necrofear has a unique and singular voice in the NFT space. His attention to detail, rich texture and deep composition are rivaled only by his deep research into the myths that have defined and still endure in our modern culture and his unparalleled and layered story-telling.

With this exclusive drop Necrofear honors the legacy of those who walked before us, as well as the hope and warnings embedded in their dreams. We are at the dawn of A New Day.

Creators are our visionaries, pushing the boundaries of the possible. If we have have courage to see the gifts before us in this critical time in our story, and learn the lessons of the stories we tell, we can collectively shape the narrative, and enter the gates of the mythical city of Eldorado.


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