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Peer behind a curtain, or into frames of private lives, or perhaps like Alice through the looking glass...

What world do we discover down the rabbit hole?

On the other side, a dimension rarely seen, a bold and quixotic realm defies expectation.

My Wonderland overflows with the colors of light.

It's a banquet for the senses, a feast to be shared, full of vibrant characters that fill our lives, nourish our souls and challenge perceptions.




My work is influenced by traditional Persian art forms, replete with the intricate details and patterns of Persian Miniature paintings, marquetry, metal engraving, Qajar paintings and of course the magnificence of Persian Rugs.

As a designer of modern Persian Rugs, my style deviates from tradition and has been called a kaleidoscopic dream of color.

We weave color into our lives and onto our personal canvas.

So bold colors dominate my creations, a signature that is unapologetically vibrant and celebratory.

Sepideh Sahebdel has been hailed as a prolific creator and a pioneer in the world NFTs within the Persian community. She's a member of multiple Persian visual arts and carpet design associations.

As a member of multiple Persian visual art and carpet design associations, I have a thirst for exploring different artistic mediums, and stretching modes of expression.

NFT's have offered a direct portal to connect peer-to-peer, expand our boundaries and community.

With NFTs we weave new threads through our fabric of spacetime, our grand tapestry, our magical carpet.

As a co-founder of the "X" group TNTNFT, with a following of over 5k predominantly Persian creators, including the diaspora community, I'm passionate about empowering women in the digital art space as well as connecting the vibrant world of Persian creators, and the stories we tell, with our global network of fellow artists, collectors and those who are as curious about our colorful corner of the world as we are about theirs.

What PolyOne Sees in

The Colorful World Of My Paintings

Like the Easter egg hues of St. Petersburg’s palaces, the unadulterated colors of Mexican art and architecture, or the turquoise blue domes and refracting mirror-mosaics of Persian Mosques, free and courageous use of color is Sepideh Sahebdel's way to brighten our existence and question our sensibilities and perceptions of truth.

From paintings, to full-size murals, to wool and silk carpet design and manufacture, to digital art and the realm of NFTs, Sepideh cuts a path to creation that connects the broader Persian community to the world along the Silk Roads of the modern digital age.

Her art serves as an irrepressible beacon for women's empowerment and she never shies away from self-reflection, inviting us on a journey through her colorful Wonderland.


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