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Natural Woman is a hand-illustrated pfp collection and community dedicated to the empowerment of women in a world moving at the speed of technology. We connect through our love of the arts, tech, finance and the need to protect our planet. We aim to educate and onboard women and girls to Web3 so they can benefit from the economic and creative opportunities of this modern renaissance. We believe in a decentralized and democratized tomorrow, and regard web3 as one of the hopes for securing a brighter future.

Most of all, we have fun!

We celebrate each other & connect across borders, link by link through blockchain. We connect, create & collaborate. Just as we have for thousands of years. It’s in our Nature. Only now, our village is global. Women have tremendous unrealized power to shape the narrative and create positive change in the world. And our community is a place to do just that. We must come together. It’s Time.

Make Web3 the Worldwide Web of Women. #WeB3


Benefits of Natural Woman Ownership Include:

  • Commercial Rights*
  • Free Airdropped NFTs
  • Early access or reduced prices on future drops
  • Perks from partner projects and organizations
  • Web3 tips and workshops
  • Community voting privileges
  • NFT unlockable content
  • Exclusive Merchandise
  • Participation in future IP development TBD
  • Metaverse club room



Daphne Alexiadou is a fashion designer, textile pattern designer and illustrator who lives in Athens, Greece. She studied fashion and graphic design, and weaves together nature’s patterns and human figures with joyful energy. She’s had multiple high profile clients as an illustrator and her artistic style, which has been praised as original and eye-catching, has been displayed in exhibitions internationally.

Since 2021 she has been the owner and designer of her own fashion brand, DAPHNE ALEX. Through her illustrations and pattern designs, she’s created a vibrant fashion universe inspired by flora and fauna. And her signature style is chic and natural, perfect for every woman.

Goddess or Sage, Queen, Mother or LoverLifting Each Other is in Our Nature

25% of proceeds from the sale of the Natural Woman collection will be donated to two organizations on the front lines protecting women and children refugees and internally displaced IDPs:

  • SEED Foundation Kurdistan and
  • A Ukrainian refugee organization TBD with The Giving Block

Protecting Women Displaced

SEED Foundation is a remarkable organization based in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. They work to protect, empower and support the recovery of survivors of violence, including victims of the war with ISIS. They offer critical help to women and children at risk by providing:

  • Prevention and response to gender-based violence
  • Combating the trafficking of women into slavery
  • Psycho-social care in refugee camps and other facilities
  • Operating shelters for women
  • Strengthening protection for women and children through advocacy and legislative change
  • Developing local University programs for trauma-based psychosocial care

Each year SEED provides safe shelter, mental health and psychosocial support, legal services, cash and other assistance to thousands of Yezidi, Syrian and Iraqi women and children, as well as men living in the Kurdistan region of Iraq

What PolyOne Sees in

Natural Woman

When we saw Daphne Alexiadou’s stunning images of Women projected onto the historic Citadel of Erbil, we knew we were in the presence of something divine. This ancient fortress, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Cradle of Civilization, is believed to rest atop the ruins of the temple of Inana, better known throughout time as Ishtar, Aphrodite & Venus. Goddess of Love & War, and all Creation.

PolyOne’s announcement exhibition in March, 2022, took place a few weeks after the first wave of Russian troops flowed into Ukraine. With the ebbing pandemic and the scars of war with ISIS in Iraq we decided to celebrate our collective human story by casting light on the only place where all our stories connect. Daphne’s colorful, regal women shined like jewels in the walls crowning the temples of the Goddess. At that moment the SEED of Natural Woman was planted - an NFT collection to elevate, support & empower women to shape the narrative. In collaboration with a true Greek Goddess and our creator Daphne Alexiadou, Natural Woman is PolyOne’s first Global Impact Collection.

Having witnessed first-hand SEED Kurdistan’s remarkable work in refugee camps during the war with ISIS, we decided this drop should benefit women displaced by war in Ukraine & Iraq. Every NFT purchased in this drop will help a woman displaced and send a message that we resist the folly of mankind’s wars. The only war we must fight is the war on Climate Change. We call on Women everywhere to stand with us, Our hope is to grow our tiny SEED of Knowledge into a mighty Tree of Wisdom, with branches stretched to the four corners of our globe, and with roots deep in the soil of our human story of Genesis.

We protect each other, and our planet. We fight our battles with wisdom and love. and empower women to lead the way. This is Natural Woman's pledge at the temple of the the Goddess to the SEEDs of generations yet to come, for those Children of Eden, Mother Nature’s Garden, Earth.

Natural Woman. Create to Elevate!

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