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In the Beginning...

An Orb. Nature's perfect shape. From Dot, to circle, to sphere...

Three dimensions in Space. In Time, One.

We announced PolyOne with an NFT art exhibition casting light upon a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Dubbed the oldest continually inhabited city in our world, the Citadel of Erbil, Kurdistan - Iraq, is in the Cradle of Civilization; The one spot on our planet where all the threads of our stories connect.

Genesis Orb is an NFT Creator Call that's a Call to Action. Each one an invitation to tell your story on our platform. Collectively your stories will tell the story of PolyOne and help shape our broader human narrative. From one, to many, to...

Of Many, One. PolyOne

Our Vision

  • PolyOne's mission is to support and promote artists while we harness the power of blockchain and the creator economy as engines for the greater good.

  • As a curated platform, quality art and compelling story-telling are our primary focus.

  • We're a for-profit company that puts the profit to work for all of us.

  • PolyOne is a platform for telling stories. We believe all art tells a story. And like science, art is a pursuit of truth.

  • We believe our values add value to NFTs.

  • Of all the transformative technologies, we believe blockchain is one of the greatest hopes for our collective future. If harnessed properly its core principle of decentralization makes it the domain of all of us.

  • We believe it takes all the colors in our spectrum to achieve light.

*PolyOne is a Global One initiative.


The story of PolyOne began at the Citadel of Erbil, Kurdistan, not far from the banks of the mighty Tigris and Euphrates rivers. Kurdistan has always been on the losing side of history; a nation-state that is only a state of mind, that lives, in the hearts of its people.

Their Capitol is a living fortress, witness to our human story of civilization. It crowns the Temple ruins of the Goddess of Love & War...and Creation. The Sumerians called the Goddess Inana; later known as Ishtar, Aphrodite and Venus. Six thousand years ago our oldest recorded civilization called the Citadel "Urbilum." City of Four Gods. At this point, One.

Today, the Citadel of Erbil is at the center-point of a modern city of concentric circles. It rises on a tell, above a bustling Old Bazaar that was once a stop along the Silk Roads of commerce. PolyOne announced our modern marketplace with the largest outdoor NFT exhibition at the time. We projected NFT art onto the Citadel's mud-brick walls to cast light on our collective story at the intersecting point of Love and War... and Creation.

The point we are at today.

As story-tellers, we must understand our own tale. NFTs are the story of our time. They are the story for our time. And they tell our story, immutably, for all time. With the existential challenges we face, Time itself is our zeitgeist.

Create to Elevate.

We are literally at the point of Creation. Upon Shakespeare's Old Globe we built our "Field of Dreams." Now with this Genesis Orb we lift the curtain to unveil PolyOne's New World Stage. We built it so that they, meaning you, will come.

We come together to write the narrative and make our voices heard. Together. It's time to act.

Creators have the unique ability to reach across borders directly into our hearts or expanding our minds. It's been proven before that when artists unite, they can shift our collective consciousness.

We follow in the steps of those who came before us. We aren't the first to strive for this vision. But we're the first to have both the global necessity, and the connective and technological capability.

The genius of the Golden Age of film, Charlie Chaplin, had a vision of United Artists. From Tramp to Great Dictator, he dreamed of a better world. Together, we can enter the Golden Age of which he dreamed.

"We are such stuff as dreams are made on."

PolyOne & The Giving Block"Make Crypto the Root of All Good"

Over One Thousand Charities & NGOs

PolyOne's partnership with The Giving Block gives our creators the option to seamlessly dedicate a percentage of NFT proceeds to causes you champion. At the time of minting select from our extensive list of reputable and respected international charities and NGOs doing remarkable work.

Global Impact Collections

PolyOne Global Impact Collections are NFT series developed by PolyOne in collaborati*text in italic*on with our creators. These special series, or curations, will always benefit a particular cause, as well as create additional shared revenue for our Creator-Collaborators, as well as Global One.

  1. Creator Economy Every Creator, Every Collector - EveryOne makes a difference on PolyOne. We're a for-profit company that puts the profits to use for all of us. Genesis Orb is our first Global Impact Collection. It puts power in your hands. The choice is yours.

  2. The Wisdom of Myth From the land of Myths and Plato, the incomparable Greek fashion designer, fabric print creator and illustrator Daphne Alexiadou, has partnered with PolyOne on our next Global Impact Collection, Natural Woman. Coming Soon! Check out the Drop.

  3. XO-Planet A Portal to a our universe and the metaverse and Webb's exoplanets that sends a little XO-love back to Earth. As we set our gaze to the heavens, and Elon blue-bird flies beyond the rainbow, we remind them that "There's no place like home!" and X marks the spot to our O-rbit. Launch with us - Creators needed.

What PolyOne Sees in

Genesis Orb

We believe it's our vision and profit-driven model of giving back that will propel PolyOne forward. By minting and listing your work on PolyOne, you automatically make a difference. No extra effort or cost. Do what you love - Create. And spread the word. Tell our story.

PolyOne is a for-profit company that puts the profit to work for all of us.

100% of net-profits will be directed to Global One, a defi platform that will provide debt or equity to private-sector ESG businesses that either elevate standards of living or address matters of global concern. Fully transparent, Global One's net profits will circulate back into the ecosystem creating a double closed financial loop. Global One Defi's treasury will grow in perpetuity to exponentially accelerate protection of our planet and elevate us a class one civilization. # PolyOne is a Global One initiative.


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