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At the intersection of art and science lies a realm where the invisible, becomes visible: 'Cymatics' the art of physics and vibration.

This Photography collection reveals a fundamental story - the transformative flow from chaos to order.

My intention is for viewers to gain a deeper appreciation of sound, visually connecting them to the inherent musical nature of our world. All photos were captured by reflecting coloured lights over a circular dish of water, and vibrated by sound frequencies.

Once resonance is achieved, a standing wave of geometric harmony organically appears

This is captured as a long exposure photograph. We all feel an enchantment toward music. It is embedded and entwined within the substance of who we are. I deeply believe that we have an urge to create music, because it helps us scaffold meaning through its patterns, while pulling us toward harmony and rhythm in the cycles of nature. Similarly,

Mandalas resonate universally to the human psyche, transcending time and culture, all the way to macro worlds of nature itself. Consider how the mathematical ratios of these naturally forming Sound-Mandalas align with elements of sacred geometry. The alchemy of these elements hints at a deeper understanding, and may even remind us -

if we choose to see - there is a song in everything.





I’m a visual sound artist and photographer from New Zealand, based in Brisbane, Australia.

I have a deep belief in the power of music and sound to shape our physical and mental realities and beyond.

It was while I was studying Audio engineering, around 2010, that I first came across cymatics, the art and science of visible sound.

It was a chladni plate of sand vibrating to the nodes, forming a geometric symmetry. It was then that I decided I wanted to capture these patterns, to make them beautiful, and have a physical piece of art made from sound vibration.

Over the years I worked hard on experimenting with this, but would always reach limits. I would leave it, only to return again, and again.

It wasn’t until my journey through India and Nepal that I re-discovered a deeper history of sound-healing, Tibetan singing bowls, Nada Yoga, and a whole new love of music and its affect on people, both mentally and physically.

I would continue to notice the chladni patterns everywhere I went, and it would remind me of what I had always wished to do.

So there on my travels I said to myself, if I were to return home, I must finish what I started with cymatics, or not return.

I see cymatics as a type of poetic truth.

A form of alchemy, transforming matter, transforming ourselves.

It is a dance, while I play, explore and express in collaboration with sound resonance.

My mission is to share the beauty of sound as art, as a healing pathway to the sacred within. Through my dance with the physics of vibration, to remind how magical and interconnected everything truly is.

What PolyOne Sees in


With each of his cymatic photographs Jacob Adlington plays with the physics of light and colour in real time.

At PolyOne we believe creators are our visionaries, pushing the boundaries of the possible. Sometimes, however, being a visionary means seeing that which has always been there, right in front of us, but only a few have the wisdom to see.

Jacob is one such creator who, like an enlightened seer, is tuned-in with the underlying, unifying, universal force of Creation.

He helps us to see not through our normal lens of sight, but through sound. By listening, he reveals and interprets through these natural mandalas the languages of our universe - mathematics and music.

Jacob Adlington's passion is to bring sound vibrations into visual form.

In so doing, he tells a story that resonates within all of us.


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